Entim Camp Masai Mara

Entim Camp Masai Mara Entim Camp Masai Mara Entim Camp Masai Mara Entim Camp Masai Mara Entim Camp Masai Mara Entim Camp Masai Mara Entim Camp Masai Mara Entim Camp Masai Mara Entim Camp Masai Mara Entim Camp Masai Mara


Entim offers a warm, exclusive luxury safari camp experience for the best wildlife adventure in the Masai Mara. Situated along the Mara River, our location is unparalleled for year-round animal sightings, especially during the incredible wildebeest migration from the Serengeti into the Masai Mara from July to October.


The description of ‘tent’ hardly captures the essence of the 12 new luxurious en-suite guest rooms perched on wooden decks with stunning views of the Mara River. These elegantly adorned rooms in earthy hues seamlessly blend indoor and outdoor spaces, extending to the river. Witness animals moving along the river as you relax in your private lounge and veranda, or savor delicious meals on our open-fronted dining deck.


Relax on your veranda overlooking the Mara River, gazing at the vast savanna with the Rift Valley escarpment in the backdrop. Witness the wildebeest migration along the riverbanks into the Masai Mara. At night, fall asleep to the sounds of grunting wildebeest, hippos, hyenas, and lions. These wild creatures are close, so our Maasai warriors in red robes will accompany you to your room after evening dinner and drinks by the campfire, where a warm water bottle awaits on your bed.

The Entim experience transcends the typical hotel or lodge stay; it immerses you in the surroundings and facilitates impactful encounters with wildlife and the Maasai people on their ancestral land. It fosters shared moments and deep connections in the heart of one of the most renowned wildlife sanctuaries globally.

It’s the epitome of a safari adventure!

Witnessing a migration river crossing is a rare and captivating experience as the wildebeest sometimes linger on the riverbank for days before making the daring leap. Fortunately, at Entim, our main wing provides a view of the Mara River, while the private wing offers a serene bush setting, allowing guests to witness migration crossings right from the camp. Our guests are often the first to witness these events up close, along with other remarkable animal sightings, all without the usual tourist crowds. Additionally, there’s no need to rush out of the reserve before the gates close at 6.30 pm or travel long distances to find wildlife action, as Entim is strategically located in the heart of the Masai Mara National Reserve.

Nothing captures the essence of the Masai Mara experience quite like drifting above the golden savanna, spotting animals from a hot-air hot-air balloon. It’s an unforgettable adventure that we highly recommend booking along with your accommodation to secure a spot.

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