Ilkeliani Camp offers a bespoke luxury experience in the heart of the renowned Maasai Mara. With its small and intimate setting, the camp provides a tranquil retreat for guests seeking comfort, excellent service, and delicious food options.

The camp has recently undergone renovations to feature stylish new tented suites, multiple viewing decks, and a range of engaging activities. Committed to personalized service and privacy, the team at Ilkeliani ensures a refined safari experience for every guest.

With a maximum of twelve ensuite guest tents, Ilkeliani retains its intimate ambiance. The spacious tented suites are meticulously crafted to offer luxurious amenities that elevate the safari experience. Nestled in a grove of trees for utmost privacy, each suite boasts a private entrance and sweeping views of the Talek River and the golden plains of the Maasai Mara.

Equipped with expansive wooden decks featuring detachable canvas sides, the suites are adorned with elegant fabrics, comfortable furnishings, and soft lighting. The bathrooms offer panoramic views and include an indoor shower that opens up to the outdoors, stocked with amenities derived from local plants indigenous to Ilkeliani.

For families or groups of friends, the camp offers a luxurious family suite with a generous living space between two bedrooms. This suite provides the perfect setting for a memorable safari experience.

Guests at Ilkeliani can engage in a variety of activities or simply unwind at the camp. The Maasai Mara’s wildlife-rich plains offer numerous options, allowing guests to tailor their experience. From morning safaris to full-day explorations of the reserve, there are ample opportunities to witness the beauty of nature up close.

For those seeking a unique adventure, Ilkeliani offers horseback safaris where guests can ride alongside wild animals. Alternatively, guests can take to the skies in a hot air balloon for an aerial view of the grasslands.

Immerse yourself in the local culture by visiting a traditional Maasai village and listening to captivating creation stories. Take a leisurely stroll along the riverbanks to observe the diverse birdlife or engage with the Maasai community to learn about the traditional uses of local plants.

At Ilkeliani, your schedule is adaptable, allowing you to shape your days as you desire. Whether you choose to enjoy the serene beauty of the plains at dawn, savor a private lunch amidst stunning surroundings, or unwind as herds of animals pass by, Ilkeliani Camp promises an unforgettable luxury safari experience in the Maasai Mara.

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